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Paul Bond 17" Tall Black Waxed Calf Custom Vintage Cowboy Boots Men

Paul Bond 17″ Tall Black Waxed Calf Custom Vintage Cowboy Boots Men’s 12 13

PRETTY DAMN ROCK N ROLL Classic Paul Bond black waxed calf custom vintage 70s cowboy boots – 17″ tall (floor to top), six gorgeous rows of red and white stitching, and of course his signature 2 3/4″ undershot heels.  Made back when Bond was still working in his shop.  Custom made, so no size visible, but should fit a men’s 12-ish.  No guarantees. Leather so good it may ruin you for any other boots.  Normal wear and a little roughness in spots.  Immaculate inside. Hand stitched, pegged Hypalon Biltrite work soles with nailed rubber heel caps.  Some wear to back of heel caps – a quick and easy fix.   Bond’s motto was “wear the legend”, and his boots more than lived up to it. Known as one of the best boot makers in the world, Bond spent 46 years in Nogales perfecting the art of the boot. And got pretty good at it along the way. Wear them once, and you’ll be an instant Bond addict.
Bed Stu Manchester II 18-Inch Distressed Brown Leather Benchmade Boots Women

Bed Stu Manchester II 18-Inch Tall Distressed Brown Leather Benchmade Boots Women’s 6

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED Classic Bed Stu 18″ tall distressed brown leather boots with side half zippers and rawhide lace up corseted backs. Retails for $300 and up. Beautifully broken in and so feel-good soft it may ruin you for any other boots.  Immaculate inside.  Distressed look is intentional. Soles in good condition   Very cool boots, from a very cool company.  Here’s what the free spirits at Bed Stu have to say about their company and their shoes:  “Capitalizing on a love of working with materials provided by nature, Bed|Stü was founded in 1995 in an old building in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.    At BED:STU it’s not about where you came from, it’s about where you’ve decided to go.  And where we have decided to go is always ahead. BED:STU is lean, fast, and tough like the streets that inspired our shoes.  And as long as we can make our way, we will make shoes for those who have no use for the beaten path.” Bed Stu.  Boots that the boys at Bed Stu like to call “old soul, with modern style, and a rebellious spirit”.  Seems to us they pretty much nailed it.
Ariat Sahara Brown Leather 17 Tall Knee Hi Riding Boots Discontinued Womens (4)

Ariat Sahara Brown Leather 17″ Tall Knee Hi Riding Boots Discontinued Women’s 6.5 B

TALLY HO AND CARRY ON Ariat “Sahara” brown leather 17″ tall top riding boots with half zippers, asymmetrical tops, cloth pulls and a killer patina. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.  Distressed look is intentional.  Dance-all-night-soft leather.  Insides are immaculate. Soles and heel caps in terrific condition. A little peeling on the inside top (see closeup pic).   Nothing sexier than a pair of tall riding boots, with skinny jeans tucked in. Okay, maybe a sexy South American polo player named Jose tucked into those boots, but we don’t have any of those for sale.  The ones we do have, we’re keeping. Suitable for quaffing martinis and terrifying young men. Carry on.
Dexter Burgundy Leather Western Cowboy Boots Vintage US Made Hi Heels Womens (5)

Dexter Burgundy Leather Western Cowboy Boots Vintage US Made Hi Heels Women’s 7.5 B

STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE IN THESE HEADTURNERS Vintage USA-made Dexter burgundy leather cowboy western boots with raised piping trim and 2 1/2″ stacked heels to make you even more daunting than you already are. Nicely broken in and a pleasure to wear. Clean inside and out. Soles and heels in good condition.   Wild and wicked.  Show stoppers and attention getters. And that’s just the boots. Now imagine you in those boots.  Strangers may offer to buy you a drink, or a small country. Oh, yawn, you’ll think.  Another small country? Where will I put them all? Boots that let you live the life you were meant to lead. Or at least make you feel like you could. If you could be bothered.
Penny Loves Kenny Hi Noon Tall Distressed Brown Snip Toe Cowboy Boots Women

Penny Loves Kenny Hi Noon Tall Distressed Brown Snip Toe Cowboy Boots Women’s 8

HIGH NOON Penny Loves Kenny “High Noon” distressed brown tall cowgirl western boots Beautifully broken in Brazilian leather make these a treat to wear. Distressed look is intentional. Soles in good condition   Its always high noon somewhere in the world – especially when you saunter in with boots like these. Guaranteed to get your mojo back if its gone missing.
Acme Dingo Brown Roughout Suede Cowboy Boots Hi Heel Vintage US Made Women

Acme Dingo Roughout Suede Cowboy Boots 3-Inch Heel Vintage US Made Women’s 5.5 B

THE END TO COWGIRL BLUES Vintage USA-made Acme Dingo brown roughout suede cowboy western boots with 3″ stacked heels and cloth pulls.  Oh, yum. Awfully pretty. Immaculate inside and out. Stitched non-leather soles and rubber heel caps in good condition.   Even cowgirls get the blues – or so the saying goes.  Not any longer, with boots like these.   Gorgeous vintage USA-made Acme Dingo boots to throw on with dresses, skinny jeans, whatever floats your boat. Gotta-have-em boots for rodeo queens and horse mad grrls.
Nine West Brown Leather & Suede Cowboy Boots Snip Toe WIngtip Boho Women

Nine West Cowboy Western Boots Leather & Suede Snip Toe WIngtip Boho Womens 8.5

HOW THE WEST WAS WON.  AND HEARTS WERE LOST Vintage Nine West brown suede and leather snip toe cowboy western boots with faux lizard wingtips. Not much wear to these sassy kicks. Dance-all-night-soft leather will have your feet singing Hallelujah.   Immaculate inside and out.  Stitched soles in terrific condition.   Retail therapy.  Cheaper, faster and a lot more fun than any number of sessions with a psychiatrist, psychologist, shaman or all around therapist.  Besides, when’s the last time anyone said, “Ooh, where did you get those adorable psychiatrists?”
Matisse Distressed Brown Leather Short Cowboy Boots Boho Inlay Stars Women

Matisse Distressed Brown Leather Short Cowboy Boots Boho Inlay Stars Women’s 9 M

THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR HOOTIN AND HOLLERIN Razzle-dazzle Matisse distressed brown leather short cowboy western boots with yellow inlays and stars, black overlaid collar, and mules ear pulls. Oh, girl, grab em now. Superb condition.  Immaculate inside and out. Brazilian leather so soft they may ruin you for any other boots.   Soles in great condition.   You may just want to let the boots do the talking.  Boots as high-octane adorable as these, they’ll be hoootin’ and hollerin’.  Guaranteed.

Zodiac Women’s Slouchy Cowboy Cowgirl Boots Multicolor Southwest Lining Boho 6.5

CHANNEL YOUR INNER URBAN DIVA Zodiac leather slouchy cowboy western boots with wild multi-colored Southwestern lining and more than their fair share of boho mojo Great used condition. Lining has a little bit of shedding, but wiping it down with a damp cloth seems to help. Soles and heel caps in great condition. Leather so soft, you may be tempted to sleep in em.   If you’re an urban diva, and a wild one at that, these boots are calling your name. Best buy them now, before some other wild urban diva answers their siren song.