“We don’t hide crazy.  We put it on the porch and let it entertain the neighbors”

We love all our customers, who saunter in from every walk of life.  The whole crazy rebel tribe, from weekend warriors to rodeo gods; boholicious sassy rebelles to rock n roll dreamers; cattle ranchers to corner office outlaws.  We’re glad y’all showed up to join the Old Rebel family.

We love hearing your stories, and seeing where our storied boots have started their new life adventures.  Click on Braggin Rights to email us pics or a story.  We’d love to share it, and let you brag on your bodacious kicks just a little.


Since 2010, we’ve brought over 15,000 boot addicts together with the perfect boots, as powersellers on eBay.  Here are some of our buyer’s famous last words:

  • Seriously.  These guys are selling legends.
  • I’d let these guys date my sister, good peeps!!.
  • Fabulous!!!!!!!!!! You can park your boots at my door anytime!.
  • Beautiful human example! seller must have chased the postman here with an ax!.
  • These boots are crazy! I was jealous of myself when I tried them on! Thanx!.
  • Absolute best seller EVER. The best b-day gift. Fast shipping BAD ASS seller!!!!!!.
  • A Cinderella Story! I love these boots! Fast Ship, Perfect Transaction A+++++.
  • Have been looking for these boots for 10 years!!! WONDERFUL FIND.
  • Amazing boots should be more boots like this in the world!,
  • I’m a 6’2” tall woman, and when I was growing up I could never find Zodiac boots in my size – more than worth the price
  • Price of a pair of 1970s Frye boots – $100.  Giving your husband the boots he owned in 1973 = Priceless.
  • You have some fantastic offerings. May you continue to find incredible vintage apparel for those of us itching to recycle both the goods and the spirit from days gone by
  • I just gave them to my girlfriend and she is in love. She is even making me print out your spectacular description of them so she can hang it up and read it every time she wears them.
  • All the cool kids wore these in high school, my parents couldn’t afford them, have my high school reunion coming up.  Love to finally wear them after all these years
  • You’ve tracked me down and shot me dead! I’ve wanted a pair of Lucchese boots for must be fifty years and never felt I could afford them. (Still can’t) But I can’t resist any longer…